How do i participate?

Simply fill up the online registration form on our website. On submitting your details, we contact you within 24hrs.

When do i pay the registration fee?

Ideally, you need to pay thefee within 48 hours of filling up the form.

I have filled the form but not paid the fee. Can i pay now?

Yes. You can pay the fee now net banking.

Is there an alternate payment method?

As an alternate, you can pay the registration fee & grooming chargesthrough paytm or google pay by transferring rs. 2,000+40,000 to our mobile number (+91) 8800265037 from your registered mobile number.

Can i pay through cash?

No. Every transaction has to be recorded for your safety and ours. Hence, cash payments are not accepted.

When do i receive the information regarding auditions?

Once your registration is complete, you will receive a call from our team.

Is english language compulsory?

No. It is not mandatory. You can speak in any language you prefer –english / hindi / punjabi / marathi etc. There are no scores for language.

Where will grooming sessions & grand finale be held?

Both will be conducted in the capital –new delhi.

Bank detail: Please call us for bank details @ 8800265037